Our Joey Story

"A beautiful soft baby wrap carrier allowing baby and parent to create a close bond through baby wearing."

JOEY is the creation of two sisters from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Being only 19 months apart in age we have always been very close. We grew up sharing a room, we travelled Europe together and we now live only a few minutes walk from one other. We are also both mothers, Georgia has two daughters, Bonnie and Louie, and Madison has one daughter, Matilda. The idea for Joey was born over a breakfast catch up, we had no intention of starting a business together but one short brunch later (while we were both pregnant) the ball for Joey had begun rolling. 
We are both big lovers of baby wearing - we loved doing it with our own babies and love to see others doing it with their little ones. We believe baby wearing is fantastic in assisting with bonding and developing a beautiful attachment between baby and parents. There are many items that people discuss being 'baby essentials' but we honestly believe our wrap carrier is at the top of the list!

 At Joey, we aim to keep ourselves and our brand real, down to earth and friendly. Being a mama is an amazing role, but a tough one. Not only did we want to create a range of baby wraps but also have a place where we can communicate with each other and somewhere you feel you have a friend. 

Our Joey baby wraps come in many different styles and all these styles are made with a purpose - to help the wearer feel beautiful and trendy. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I have worn jeans since my daughter was born, active wear is what I live in. So when I’d have my all black active wear ensemble on and I’d put my daughter in our Bonnie wrap, I felt good! I felt like I had a stylish outfit on. 

We look forward to sharing all our mama tips and tricks and we hope you follow along on our Joey  journey.
Madison & Georgia xx